Discover the Tutankhamun exhibition in Strasbourg!

From October 11, 2023 to April 14, 2024, the Alsatian city of Strasbourg will host the exhibition “Tutankhamun: The Discovery of the Forgotten Pharaoh”. This exceptional exhibition takes us back in time to ancient Egypt.

A legendary Pharaoh

Tutankhamun is without doubt one of the most famous pharaohs in Egyptian history. Born around 1341 BC, he ascended the throne at a young age. He reigned for a short time, before dying prematurely at the age of 18. His name is now synonymous with mystery and wonder, thanks in no small part to the discovery of his virtually intact tomb by British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922.

A Fascinating Plunge into Tutankhamun’s Legacy

The exhibition promises to reveal new secrets and immerse visitors in the captivating world of this young ruler. Over 150 rare artifacts and objects, some of which have never before left Egypt, will be on display in Strasbourg. Visitors will have a unique opportunity to admire these treasures, which bear witness to the art, culture and religion of ancient Egypt.

The meticulous museography will transport visitors back in time, immersing them in the spellbinding atmosphere of pharaonic Egypt. Interactive elements and enlightening commentaries will accompany visitors on their journey.

Prepare to be transported back to ancient Egypt, where mysteries and wonders await you at every corner.


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