In the heart of the old city, the Pavillon RÉGENT PETITE FRANCE provides you with welcoming and refined accommodation in one of its 17 restful, elegant rooms, some of which offer a wonderful view over the River Ill, the Cathedral and the half-timbered houses.
You simply have to cross the street to take advantage of some of the services we offer at the Hotel & Spa RÉGENT PETITE FRANCE, such as breakfast, the restaurant, the bar, the spa and the gym.


On 8 June 2015, the Hotel & Spa RÉGENT PETITE FRANCE, situated in the very heart of the old city, opened its Pavillon in an old Alsatian building opposite across the street. This building, constructed over the water in 1600, would, among other things, house the Napoleon baths from 1809 to 1870. It is one of the half-timbered buildings so typical of La Petite France, in which tanners, millers and fishermen once lived and worked.

VISIT the glacières


The “Glacières” opened in 1897 in the Dünzenmühle, a former grain mill dating from 1202, which was entirely rebuilt in 1785. For almost a century, the Ice Houses produced ice for businesses and private households. With the appearance of the first affordable refrigerators in the 1960s, the business gradually declined until the plant had to close.

Today, you can arrange a visit to see the old ice-making machinery that has been preserved within the Hotel & Spa RÉGENT PETITE FRANCE.

in the heart of la PETITE FRANCE


This is the most picturesque part of Strasbourg. Fishermen, millers and tanners once lived and worked in this neighbourhood built on the water.
The magnificent half-timbered houses date from the 16th and 17th centuries. Their sloping roofs open onto attics where skins used to be dried.






5-6 rue des Moulins 67000 Strasbourg
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GPS : “Place Henri Dunant”

As the hotel is in a pedestrianized area, please contact reception to obtain the admission access code and book a parking space.



With its impressive Cathedral, Strasbourg is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Strasbourg is also a city of art and culture, with a rich offering of museums, exhibitions, fairs and events, not forgetting the famous Christmas Market.

The Neustadt quarter

The Neustadt quarter

Place de la République is the centre of Strasbourg's Imperial Quarter, known as the Neustadt (New Town). This area is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The fine buildings you can admire include the National Library, the Préfecture, the National Theatre and St Paul's...

The Petite France

The Petite France

The RÉGENT PETITE FRANCE Hotel & Spa is ideally situated in one of the city's best known and most picturesque quarters, La Petite France. Take your time strolling through the narrow cobbled streets, admiring the pretty half-timbered buildings, the canals and the...

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral

Begin your stay in Strasbourg with a visit to Notre-Dame Cathedral. It is THE symbol of the city. A magnificent example of Gothic architecture, Strasbourg Cathedral is renowned for its astronomical clock, its statues, its amazing Silbermann organ and an exceptional...


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5-6 rue des Moulins 67000 Strasbourg
+33 (0)3 88 76 43 43


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